Managing fatigue

Managing fatigue with IBD

Extreme fatigue is a common aspect of living with IBD. Although it may not be apparent to others, it can have an enormous impact on all aspects of your daily life, including work, education, socialising and relationships.1

The following points might be useful if you are prone to periods of fatigue:1


Identify your warning signs: Learn how to recognise oncoming fatigue and be sure to take the time to rest


Take holidays! Many people living with IBD say that even a short relaxing break can restore energy levels and make them feel more positive – both emotionally and physically

Reserve energy: Save your spare time for things you enjoy and plan your agenda according to your needs

Find exercise that works for you: Exercise is important for your overall wellbeing and may help you manage your IBD. If you feel well enough, you could explore gentle exercise such as yoga or light swimming, before attempting more rigorous activities


Eat healthily: Like exercise, eating well is an important part of managing your IBD. You can make things much easier by planning meals in advance, cooking multiple portions and freezing meals so that good food is always on hand

Get enough sleep: It is important that you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Not getting adequate rest will make you feel run down and may cause flare-ups, or make them worse