Psoriasis basics

Psoriasis basics

If you’ve already been diagnosed with psoriasis, or PsO, you probably know a bit about it, but it’s easy to feel lost in the science, so here’s a quick refresher. If you’re new to PsO or would like to share the basics with someone else or prepare for a conversation about it, you’ll find what you need in this section.

Getting to the bottom of your condition

Psoriasis works inside your body to cause symptoms you may recognise.

Not all PsO is the same

There are different types of psoriasis – which are familiar to you?

What causes PsO?

Your family may have played a part in your psoriasis.

Being stressed or getting sick can trigger flares. Make sure you look after yourself

Do you recognise the symptoms?

Everyone’s different, but you may recognise the classic signs.

How severe is your PsO?

Work out how much your psoriasis might be affecting you.

How can you be certain it's PsO?

Find out which doctors and tests you’ll encounter.

What could the future hold?

Does psoriasis (PsO) always stay the same?