Will my psoriasis get better ?

Will my psoriasis get better?

Psoriasis, or PsO, may be a long-term condition, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always have symptoms or feel ill.1 Everyone’s experience is different, and you may find that your symptoms are better at some times than others, or even seem to disappear for a while.1 Living with PsO does not have to be a daily struggle, and you should still be able to keep it under control and live a happy and fulfilled life.1,2 By making small changes to your daily life you may be able to make a big difference to your health and happiness.2

Take a look at some lifestyle tips to help you make little wins every day.

Some people find the seasons affect their PsO symptoms, so keep an eye on your skin and try to protect it3

Always remember that treatment plays a big part in controlling your symptoms and preventing ‘flare ups’, so if you don’t feel as if your treatment is doing enough or your symptoms are getting worse, please speak to your healthcare professional.4 It’s also important to stick to taking your treatment as it’s been prescribed, for it to stand the best chance of working, even if you don’t have symptoms at the moment.5,6 We’ve put together some tips to help you have a constructive conversation during your appointment ,because you should be in control of your PsO and not the other way around.

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