PsO Let's Talk Psoriasis

PsO Let's Talk Psoriasis

Hosted by broadcaster, Dr Ciara Kelly, PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis is an award winning series designed to help people manage their psoriasis. Featuring a range of guests including healthcare experts and people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, the four part series provide insights and advice on a range of topics from treatment options, mental health, diet and nutrition, managing stigma, and self-image.

The panel will also answer some commonly asked questions as well as setting the record straight by busting some myths!

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Psoriasis Myth Busting

This section sheds light on the truths behind common psoriasis myths and psoriatic arthritis misconceptions. Our experts clear up the confusion and provide you with a clearer, more accurate understanding of this condition. Watch the video clips below to separate fact from fiction and bust some myths about psoriasis.

'True or False' Quiz

Ready to test your knowledge? Jump into our interactive quiz and see how much you know about psoriasis. Let's get started and see how you do!


1. Newly Diagnosed Patients

Receiving a psoriasis diagnosis can be daunting but it's actually the first step towards managing the condition. The first episode of the four-part Beyond Expectations: PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis series explains in simple terms what exactly psoriasis is, what causes it, and what a typical treatment journey might look like.

2. Living with Psoriasis

Learning to live with psoriasis presents its own unique challenges, especially during the period while people await access to specialist care. Episode two in our four-part Beyond Expectations: PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis series focuses on common challenges faced by people living with psoriasis day-to-day.

3. Managing Paediatric Psoriasis

Psoriasis does not discriminate and affects children as well as adults. In this third episode of Beyond Expectations: PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis, we will address some of the biggest concerns of parents of children living with psoriasis.

4. Understanding Psoriatic Arthritis

Our fourth and final episode in the Beyond Expectations: PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis series looks at psoriatic arthritis which affects 30% of people living with psoriasis but is notoriously difficult to diagnose.1

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