Top psoriaris tips

Psoriasis management tips

Itching, plaques and flaking are common symptoms you may have to deal with if you have psoriasis (PsO)1,2 but we have some tips to help you stay in control and make little wins every day.

Soothe the itch3

A person is putting cream on his psoriasis
  • Keep your skin moisturised to reduce redness and dryness, helping the skin to heal
  • Heavy creams and ointments can lock moisture into the skin, especially after a shower
  • Try keeping your lotions in the fridge for cooling relief
  • Remove any scale and flaking skin with a scale softening (keratolytic) product containing ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, urea or phenol to reduce itch and allow lotions and ointments to sink in
  • Avoid hot baths - take cool, short showers and use cold packs to relieve itch

Soften plaques

Example of a moisturizing cream
  • Try replacing soap and shower gels with moisturising creams, such as emollients4
  • Apply them after washing to retain and lock in moisture5
  • Oils such as olive or coconut could also be used to soften scales and help them to lift4

Combat flaking2

A vacuum cleaner
  • Flakes can build up in carpets and attract bugs, so regularly vacuum your home or sweep wooden or linoleum floors to reduce build-up
  • Keep a portable vacuum in your car to help keep it clean from flakes
  • If you have flakes building up in your bed overnight, using a hard-edged surface such as a card made of plastic to scrape them off could help, as could washing your sheets often
  • If you have shedding on your arms or legs, wearing long trousers and long-sleeved shirts with buttoned cuffs will likely catch flakes before they fall
  • White, grey or cream clothing is ideal for disguising flakes, as are scarves and necklaces
  • Using a lint roller or brush can help to remove any build-up, as could washing your clothes often

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